Power of Habit — How to accomplish big goals by making small changes

one small step everyday in the right direction and one day you can achieve the impossible

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You might have heard that a 1000 mile journey begins one step at a time. I also used to be temporarily inspired by such quotes. But a few days would pass, and I would find it had slipped my mind.

Are you wanting to change things in your life?

Are you stuck in the same old circumstances and feel a need to change?

Do you want to meet a happy version of yourself in future?

Then read on…

Just like you I am learning and am striving to become a better version of myself.

I wanted to share with you what I have learnt in the past 2–3 years that has made a positive change in my life. I am just a few steps into this long journey, and I would appreciate it if we made this journey together and learn from each other.

Why did I want to change you may ask: I was restless, and trying to find the meaning of life. I wanted to know how I could lead a better and more fulfilling life.

One of the first habits I decided to adopt was reading regularly and finding ways to incorporate it into my daily life. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were my inspirations to make this small but meaningful change in my life.

In the past I read one book or less a year. Before I could make a change to integrate my personal goal of six books a year into my life I had to introspect. I had to find what books would capture my interest and what subjects I would like to further explore. I then realized I was interested in the topics of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Meditation. Once I noted my interests I started to find the best books in those categories.

After this self-examination and finding the right books I increased my reading to three days, 10 minutes a day. Slowly and with incremental changes, maybe 5 minutes more, I now read almost everyday for at least 45 minutes. With these slight, gradual, and consistent changes I started seeing a difference and noticed a habit forming.

Learning — To start anything new, we need to have a strong motive, something that adds meaning to life.

Understand you inner needs, the needs of your heart and soul, find the best sources that can help you fulfill your deep seated needs.

If the motive is not strong and has some negativity then the you will not be able to sustain the change but if you motive is strong and will create a positive impact then small hiccups will only make your motive more stronger than ever .

How can we make sure our motive is strong that we do not give up?

Identify how multiple small change add to the bigger goal and remember Nikola Tesla’s famous quote

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Every goal you want to accomplish needs energy to vibrate at a certain frequency. If energy or vibration or frequencies are not harmonized then we need to find what is still missing and complete the equation.

So how do we create the energy to vibrate at a frequency where we get success?

First have a clear goal with positive affirmations. write it down where you can read as often as possible.

Visualize your bigger goal and how the smaller change fits into the big picture.

Feel the happiness and excitement when you read your goal as if you have accomplished the goal.

I imagine myself like Will Smith in the final scene of Pursuit of Happyness. I always get twinkle in my eyes and a smile on my face.

Most important thing — have a plan of action that may need tweaking as you move along. course correct as you move on and see how the small changes help you achieve bigger goals in life.

I am still not there where I need to be, I still have days where I feel down but my strong motive brings me back in track. I know I am on the right path and a happy and fulfilled life reminds me that.

Please read my future articles on what reading books taught me, Who are other personalities that inspire me and why Warren Buffet and Bill Gates advice is something that I will always be grateful for.

Loves learning, sharing, and discovering myself. Passionate about Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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