How is COVID-19 transforming me

Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, concern or hope, care, belief, faith, and co-operation how I am handling the Corona challenge?


I am a firm believer that every crisis brings with itself a lot of opportunities. We always need to be grateful for what we have.

My fear was now transforming into concern for people and economy.

In a crisis like this I believe that we need to find and fix the root cause of the crisis as well as take care of our families and communities

Even in this time of crisis, the choice is still ours- What do we choose, to stay calm or to panic

Things we did to manage our family

There are 450 Ivy League courses available for free.

Figured out ways to help others

Make love and compassion a stronger emotion than fear and this too shall pass

Loves learning, sharing, and discovering myself. Passionate about Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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