Good question Chris.

The reason why we don’t use the same neural network that we used for encoding to decode is

  • To predict the output and compare it with the input data to calculate the loss. The output layer needs to predict the probability of an output which needs to either 0 or 1 and hence we use sigmoid activation function.
  • Hidden layers for the encoder and decoder uses relu activation function as we want non linearity.

A sample code for AE would be something like this

input_img = Input(shape=(784,))
encoded = Dense(128, activation=’
encoded = Dense(64, activation=’
encoded = Dense(32, activation=’

decoded = Dense(64, activation=’relu’)(encoded)
decoded = Dense(128, activation=’
decoded = Dense(784, activation=’

Autoencoders are used to extract the latent feature representation so we also store the latent feature into a pickle file

I also plan to post AE code this week

For more on the AE refer to

Please let me know if this explanation was helpful

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