A High-Quality Reports using R Markdown

A great way to share data and data analysis narrative in R

Renu Khandelwal
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You performed exploratory data analysis using R and would like to share the work with a diverse set of audiences, people who understand R and people who do not understand R but are interested to understand your analysis and narrative.

R Markdown is the tool in your R repertoire to help you create reports with narrative, plots, and data analysis.

Contents discussed in this post.

  • What is R Markdown, and how does it help?
  • What libraries are required for R Markdown to generate reports?
  • How does R Markdown render?
  • What are the output formats supported by R Markdown?
  • Different components of R Markdown, including code chunks and inline code?
  • An example of generating reports in HTML format using R Markdown

R Markdown

R Markdown is a lightweight markup library designed for quickly turning data analysis and narratives into high-quality documents, reports, presentations, and dashboards in static and dynamic/interactive output formats. R Markdown generates documents and presentations to be shared across a multitude of audiences. R Markdown contains the computing code and the narrative to explain the data analysis and data insights.

R Markdown assists you to save and execute R code along with the narratives to generate high-quality reports to be shared in different formats like HTML, doc, and pdf

R Markdown files can contain three different types of content

  • A YAML header surrounded by ---
  • R code chunks surrounded by ```
  • Text mixed with simple text formatting

Libraries needed for R Markdown


knitr takes a plain text document with embedded code as an input, executes the code, and ‘knits’ the results back into the document.

The R package rmarkdown is a library that processes and converts .Rmd files into several formats like HTML, PDF, doc, etc.



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