A great way to share data and data analysis narrative in R

An exhaustive compilation of dimensionality reduction techniques.

Learn the step-by-step breakdown of hypothesis testing.

Know the fundamentals around the buzzword called Quantum Computing and the future it unlocks


Perform Linear Regression in R by identifying the most important predictors

  • Reading the data from a CSV file.
  • Exploring and transforming the data by converting categorical variables to factors, removing missing values, and removing outliers
  • Check the data against linear regression assumptions
  • Identify the…

Learn basic steps to perform Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA) in R using tidyverse.

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Why Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA)?

Learn to read nested and straightforward XML files in R using xml2

Learn data visualization in R by knowing the grammar of graphics, a set of tools for constructing statistical plots

Identify local outliers based on the densities of the neighborhood.

Renu Khandelwal

Loves learning, sharing, and discovering myself. Passionate about Machine Learning and Deep Learning

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